25 Rubber Penetration Tricks by Magic-Ian


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When the rubber penetration came into popularity several years ago, it represented something really new in magic. Here was a trick that was actually accomplished before it began, leaving onlookers baffled by a visible penetration of a coin through a sheet of solid rubber, with no clue whatever as to its accomplishment. So effective was thismysterythat magicians themselves began wondering when further effects of this nature would be developed, ifever. They have been developed; and the time is now. The very principle of the rubber penetration made it adaptable to new uses, provided someone gave them proper thought. By introducing new devices and applying existing gimmicks in special ways, a series of remarkable surprises came into being, practically all the work of one inventive mind. This book is the result. In it Ian Sutz has added one neat twist after another, even producing startling effects that go beyond the original concept, with intriguing variations that will keep spectators guessing all the more. The basic penetration has even been applied to a balloon, creating a completely new effect: while the introduction of various articles such as keys, nails and other available items (seen and un seen) provide still more bewilderment. Coin balloon-acy is sure to become a classic in itself and the accompanying items can readily be worked into effective routines. Try them yourself and be convinced.   28 pages

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