Andrus Card Control - Vol. 1 (Text) and Vol. 2 (Illustrations)


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Andrus Card Control -  2 Vol Set - Vol. 1 (Text) and Vol. 2 (Illustrations)  Acclaimed and unique collection of sleights with cards, which Ray Hyman calls "a revolutionary approach to card magic." Illustrated, with all illustrations (by the author) contained in Volume 2.

Imagine having a card signed and inserted into the deck, stopping when the card is sticking out of the deck 1/8th of an inch, so the spectator can see it (his actual card), going in. The card is pushed in the rest of the way, then the spectator is asked to name a number between 1-15. You, without ANY cuts, shuffles or 'moves' of any kind, legitimately count to the named number and find the signed card!

This, and dozens of other miracles, are taught in this two volume, 176 page set of books. 

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