Close-up Card Magic by Harry Lorayne


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vii Introduction: Dai Vernon
viii Foreword: Harry Lorayne|
xi Contents

14 Chapter I: Necessary Sleights
15 Hindu Shuffle
16 Faro Shuffle 
18 Jog Shuffle 
19 Double-Lift Palm

22 Chapter II: Effective Card Mysteries
24 Location Supreme: 2 locations with a set-up deck
27 Two Card Reverse: while seated at a table
31 Salt-Less: deck is flipped over in the air and cuts at the selection


262 Flash Printing: as above, but a blank business card magically prints
263 Multiple Change: for more than one card
264 Ambitious Aces: Aces follow the leader Ace
265 The Traveling Jewels: a story effect
269 Lorayne’s Challenge: The JB Kard Kop used in a spectator “stop” effect with a challenge to the magician to see what you can come up with

271 Last Word: a plea to try these effects, not just read about them

First Edition / Third Printing / 1976

27 pages

A little stains

Inside  Good Condition

Product Code: CLOWSFFB45


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