Dusheck's Force Fields by Steve Dusheck


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Driscoll's Calender Force is this simple; ask your spectator for an important date, spell it out on your "Hot Rod" or from any other six items and always land on your force item. If you are tired of using the old 1 to 6 Force, you'll love their all new "Calendar Force"

BONUS Material:

Driscoll's Calendar Force

This manuscript comes complete with a transcript/manuscript form the old "American Magic Company" of "Dusheck's Force Fields" containing two spelling forces based on the old 1 to 6 force used in "Hot Rod" and other effects. Also included from the old "American Magic Company" is an original "Zodiac Force Cue Card." This bonus manuscript will be one of only about 1000, so get yours while supplies last!

Product Code: DUS3Q8MK52


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