IMPACT Cards,Coins,Popes and Rings By ALDO COLOMBINI


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Impact contains a wide variety of magic using cards, coins, ropes, and rings. Most of the effect descriptions are short and concise, about one page each, althoughseveral routines take four pages or so. Line drawings are provided for clarity


1 Turn Over Revelation: Two selected cards are revealed using a visual flourish.
2 Boom-Boomer!: A mathematical card trick that reveals the 4 aces after one "miss"
3 Twice Cato: Two cards are predicted as the deck splits into Hearts & Spades.
5 Capricorn: Deck with a hole through the cards is separated into two piles. A card is selected and returned. This half is tied with a rope through the hole. The selected card disappears from the tied half to appear in the other half, face up, and with a different back.
7 Flip Aces: The four aces are "flipped" out of the deck
8 One Two Three Four Aces: Four aces are changed into four different cards, which are then used to find the aces.
10 Cups & Knots*: A cups & balls routine using a rope and knots. Knots pop off a rope, then are used in a cups & balls sequence. Any cups would be suitable.
14 Hoax: A strange way to vanish a coin
15 Fantastrick: A card is found after being lost in the middle of the deck.
16 Tip-Top*: A spectator selects a clown card, and the color nose matches the nose the magician is now wearing.
17 Stop*: A shuffled deck is cut into two halves. A card is viewed in one half, and the half is shuffled again. The card is gone and the spectator is told it is in the other half, which turns out to be a solid block with the chosen card glued to the face!


122 Desperado: Four jacks shown. Two placed aside, one card is selected from the deck: an ace. Two of the jokers become aces, and the fourth ace is sandwiched between the other two jokers.
123 The Boss: Four kings are placed on the table to the left and three indifferent cards to the right. One after another, the cards change places. Then the three kings are alternated with the three indifferent cards but they separate, just like oil and water.

145 pages

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