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John F. Mendoza is one of today's leading close-up entertainers, all of his creations are truly professional and audience-tested before both laymen and magicians. JOHN: Verse Two offers you outstanding effects with an emphasis on routining. The 'in--betweens' that make the entire close-up act well rounded and pleasing.

Contents :

CARD EFFECTS: Acey-Deucy Improved, Missionaries' Revenge, Face Up Red Black Shuffle, Marlo-Nelson-Mendoza Hunters, The Most Difficult Card Trick in the World, The Horse Race, Cutting the Kings Re-Visited, S-T-R-E-T-C-H Stretched, One Handed Face Change, Nelson's $1.50 Four Ace Routine, One Dollar Sandwich, The Ten Card Poker Killer, Easy Ace Cutting, Open Travelers-Closed Changers.

COINS: Look They're Copper (a fantastic climax for Matrix). Reverse Portable Hole (clever handling). APPARATUS: The Last Last Card, Bendix Bombshell Routine, The Cup Switch, Unexpected Vision, The Spiked Half. THE MAGIC OF MARY WOLF: The Two Hundred-Eighty Five Cent Trick, Quick MacDonald, The Cone and Coins Routine plus Addendum, A Little Bit of Coke.

137 pages

It's autographed Says "8/31/82  To Bob Doggett  Best Wishes your friend  John F Mendoza"

Bob Doggett is The Magic Shop owner

Product Code: JOHJ8T1158


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