Martin Nash / The Charming Cheat


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Self Published / Written by Stephen Minch

Vol.1  Kings Ingognito

The Act

The Set Up

Introduction with shuffles

Kings Incognito

Palm Unseen

$10,000 Ace Routine

Down the Garden Path

Limited Ambitions

16 pages


Vol. 2  Colors On The March 

The Act

The Set Up

Title Bout

Marlo Miracle Aces

Spinning The Aces

Separation By ESP ?

Color On The March

10 pages


Vol. 3 Jacks Of Better

The Act

The Set Up

Honest Aces


Lorayne's Poker Deal

Any Way That You Want It

Fast Stack

A hard Ace To Follow

The Earl's Dilemma

10 pages

Vol. 4  Ovation

The Act

The Set Up

Aces For Experts Only

The Card Sharp And The Four Gamblers

Any Way That You Want It

The Side-Pocket Swindle

One Shuffle Triumph

A Matching Routine

12 pages

Autographed says"To Dr. Bob- All The Best- Martin Nash Castle '95"



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