PALLBEARERS REVIEW Volumes 5-8 by Karl Fulves


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Vol. 5 Iss. 1

0291 Nor Eyes To See With (MENTAL (One Man))
0292 Even Money Proposition (Addenda) (CARDS (Unprepared))
0292 Stover’s Birthday Bet (GAGS, PUZZLES, GAMES)
0294 Beat the House (CARDS (Prepared))

Vol. 5 Winter

0296 Hofzinser’s Future Card (CARDS (Prepared))
0296 Hofzinser Slate Test (MENTAL (One Man))
0297 Intuition (CARDS (Prepared))
0298 Hofzinser’s Routine (CUPS & BALLS)
0299 Two Unsolved Card Problems (CARDS (Unprepared))
0299 Coins in Flight (COINS)
0300 Vanishing Deck (CARDS (Prepared))
0301 Hofzinser’s Book Tests (BOOK TESTS)
0301 Kings & Queens (CARDS (Prepared))


Vol. 6 Iss. 6

0413 To the Top (CARDS (Unprepared))
0414 One Way Ghost (CARDS (Unprepared))
0414 Future Ghost (MENTAL (One Man))
0415 More Than Coincidence (CARDS (Unprepared))
0415 To the Top (CARDS (Unprepared))
0415 Ossip Miracle Coin Fold (COINS)
0415 Oracle (MENTAL (One Man))
0415 Perfected Prophecy (MENTAL (One Man))
0415 Oracull (MENTAL (One Man))
0415 Unclipped (Paper Clips) (MISCELLANEOUS)
0416 Joker Mental (CARDS (Prepared))
0416 Bill Fold (COINS)

Vol. 6 Iss. 7

0417 Spirit Aces (CARDS (Prepared))
0418 Osborn’s Puzzle (GAGS, PUZZLES, GAMES)
0418 Optical Cartoon (GAGS, PUZZLES, GAMES)
0419 Sleeper (CARDS (Unprepared))
0419 In the Sands (MENTAL (Two Person))
0420 Infernal Machine (CARDS (Prepared))
0420 He Has It! (CARDS (Unprepared))
0420 Crazy Clocks (Addenda) (CARDS (Unprepared))
0420 Ossip Miracle Coin Fold (COINS)

391 pages

Printed 1993

Product Code: PALZ74J138


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