PALLBEARERS REVIEW Volumes 9-10 by Karl Fulves


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Vol. 9 Iss. 1

0683 Remembrance of Things Past -Karl Fulves (MENTAL)
0684 BABEL (Editorial) (BABEL (Editorial))
0684 Chinese Miracle (REFERENCE SHELF (References to Previous Routines))
0684 Lightning Link (REFERENCE SHELF (References to Previous Routines))
0684 One-Way Ghost (REFERENCE SHELF (References to Previous Routines))
0686 Double Coincidence -Karl Fulves (CARDS)
0686 Four Cast -Karl Fulves (CARDS)

Vol. 9 Iss. 2

0687 Subconscious Poker II -J.K. Schmidt (CARDS)
0688 BABEL (Editorial) (BABEL (Editorial))
0689 Copy Cat -Tony Cole (CARDS)
0689 Latest Rope & Ring -G.W. Hunter (RING AND ROPE)
0690 Split Second -Karl Fulves (CARDS)
0691 Remember Isis? -Karl Fulves (MENTAL)
0692 The 5th Jack -Harvey Rosenthal (CARDS)
0695 A Modern Chinese Marvel (REFERENCE SHELF (References to Previous Routines))
0695 False Cut -Craig Milgrim (CARDS)
0696 Ring & Spring -Vincent Sabatino (RING AND SPRING)


Vol. 10 Iss. 3

0833 Bottoms Up -Rick Johnsson (COINS)
0834 Babel (EDITORIALS)
0835 Future Shock -Roy Walton (CARDS)
0837 A Trick of Henry Christ (CARDS)
0838 Thinking Machines -Al Mann (MATHEMAGIC)
0840 ESP + Math -Jerry Fulton (ETCETERA (Comments and Improvements))
0840 Further Than That -Cushing Strout (ETCETERA (Comments and Improvements))
0840 Subconscious Poker II -Cushing Strout (ETCETERA (Comments and Improvements))
0840 To Lie or Tell the Truth -Cushing Strout (ETCETERA (Comments and Improvements))
0841 Zero Gee -Karl Fulves (BALL)
0842 Malini’s Chink-a-Chink (MISCELLANEOUS)

Vol. 10 Winter

0843 Stewart Judah Folio Part II (SPECIALS AND FOLIOS)
0844 Six-Card Stunner -Stewart Judah (CARDS)
0845 Paul Swinford Version (CARDS)
0847 S

381 pages

Printed 1993

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