The Greatest Illusions of Magic by Byron G. Wels / Text & Plans


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Volume 1 has 308 pages of text, and Volume 2 is a large book with blue prints for 107 illusions. This book is probably the best value for money for the stage magician looking for blue prints to build his own illusions. With 107 illusions to choose from, including all the classics, upto modern day illusions like the Thin Model Sawing, there is ample material here for several illusion acts. The text gives you the basics of the effect, the performance, and any special construction details. The blue prints are technical drawings to enable any craftsman to construct the apparatus. These are actual blue prints from which these props were constructed, and of course you can modify the measurements to suit your individual requirements. A wealth of material for the magician interested in illusions.

First Printind 1977



1 The Lester Lake Guillotine
4 Substitution Trunk
6 Larsen's Vanish of a Caged Parrot
9 The Asrah Levitation
11 The Mummy Case--Mummy in case turns into assistant when lid is closed.


298 The Dream of a Coolie--Assistant and stack of boxes change places in a mysterious fashion.
302 The Crystal Box--Completely transparent box, assistant appears inside when box is covered.
304 Okito's Floating Silver Sphere
306 Thin Model Sawing a Woman In Half


1 The Lester Lake Guillotine
2 Substitution Trunk
3 Larsen's Vanish of a Caged Parrot
4 The Asrah Levitation
5 The Mummy Case
6 The Devil's Torture Chamber


102 Ghost Show Illusion
103 The Goddess and Reptile
104 The Dream of a Coolie
105 The Crystal Box
106 Okito's Floating Silver Sphere
107A,B Thin Model Sawing a Woman in Half

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