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In this ebook is to be found the cream of the tricks, ideas and principles which have gone, over the years, into Histed's monster note-book. Here is the life-time's harvest of one man's brilliant thought and patient experimentation. And as every harvest carries the seeds of the next, we are confident that the principles which the author here discloses for the first time, and the new presentations he has devised for other effects, will bear further fruit in the work of amateur and professional magical entertainers all over the world.

The Magic of Louis S. Histed contains magic to suit every performer. The card man who likes boldness will enthuse over "Brass!" or the Pocket Pass; if he likes comedy he will use One Card Four Moves or Hand to Hand if subtlety is his forte, then The Miracle Divination will send him into raptures.

The average performer who must have entertaining and eye-catching magic, but must always consider the difficulties of transportation, will find in the "Chameleon Reels and the "£1 - Note Passe Passe" self-contained items which are slight in weight but tremendous in entertainment value. He will like, too, the Paint Box effect which Dr. Shackleton used to such effect in his prize-winning act for the Magic Circle.

Audiences, over the years, have demonstrated their great liking for tricks with liquids, and in Chapter Six the performer who wishes to give his audiences what they like will find plenty of material. For here the author has adopted for magical use scientific principles hitherto neglected. We are certain that the Automatic Siphon and the Crystal Cruciform will play a great part in the magic of the future, for here is magic that is self-contained, self-working and worry-free. It satisfies the requirements of the most exacting performer, and will most decidedly please the most difficult audiences.

    • The Spencer Fan
    • The Pocket Pass
    • Carlton's Continuous Single Card Production
    • One Card; Four Moves
    • Card And Ribbon
    • A Card In Mind
    • Brush Up Your Cards
    • Hand To Hand
    • Thick Cards
    • Again The Thick Card
    • Any Card Called For
    • Brass!
    • The Miracle Divination
    • Another Presentation
    • Before The Miracle Divination


    • Some Scientific Principles
    • The Automatic Siphon
    • Two Masking Principles
    • The Chinese Vase
    • A Secret Still!
    • Milk Transit
    • The Cocktail Trick
    • Black And White Transposition
    • The Tippler's Dream
    • Water Pots
    • Inexhaustible Containers
    • A Triple-Load Jug
    • The Indian Rice Bowls
    • The Burmese Rice Jars
    • Niagara

1st edition 1947, 160 pages

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