The Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz Volume 3


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This ebook includes 20 amazing mentalism effects many of which are in the daily performing repertoires of many top mentalists.

All too often those in the world of magic who develop great reputations fall somewhere between two stools; gifted thinkers who tend to disappoint in performance, or charismatic performers who are a triumph of form over substance: impressive, but not always original. Rarely do you come across someone who embodies the elements of true creative artistry, combining together the application of sound thinking with an understated style of presentation which can totally convince a roomful of spectators, be they laymen or fellow magicians, that the performer is something special.

It is a real education to gain an insight into Basil's thinking, the sheer efficiency of his approach, and the mileage he gets out of his application of simple and direct concepts and principles. He has honed every sequence to the bare minimum of technique to produce the maximum impact. For evidence, the routines which make up Part One of this collection comprise seven very different applications of one principle which will itself almost certainly be new to you.

The joy of this material is that you need not just sit back in awe at the work of a performer who very few will emulate, and whose material only the truly gifted will master. You will learn and perform many of these routines and use them to charm and impress people - therein lies the real beauty of Basil Horwitz's brand of mentalism.

Illustrated by Earle Oaks, design and layout by Bob Gill.

91 pages


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