The New Modern COIN MAGIC by J.B.BOBO


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 Illustrated by Nelson Hahne, edited by John Braun. New Modern Coin Magic includes four additional Chapters in over 150 additional pages- that are not in Modern Coin Magic. It is my understanding that when Magic Inc. renewed the copyright for The New Modern Coin Magic, they didn’t realize this didn’t include the previous version of the book, Modern Coin Magic.


Chapter I: Coin Concealments
1 The Classic Palm
2 The Edge Palm
3 The Thumb Palm
3 The Downs Palm
4 The Finger Palm
5 The Front Finger Hold
5 The Back Palm
7 The Back Finger Clip
8 The Back Thumb Palm

10 Chapter II: Basic Technique
10 The Bobo Switch: coin switch
11 Utility Switch: show coins in both hands while concealing
12 One Hand Switch
12 Shaw Judah Coin Switch: using a glass
14 The Click Pass: an audible false transfer
15 The Click Pass (Paul Morris): as above
16 The Coin Flip: coin can be flipped while concealing coin
17 Change Over Pass: showing both hands empty
18 The Bottom Steal: keeping the bottom of a stack
19 Producing a Coin from a Spectator’s Clothing: use of back palm
20 Taking Advantage of a Fumble: loading under the shoe, into the cuff, or into the other hand


504 Gag Penetration with an Okito Box (Milton Kort and Ron Bauer): Half to Silver dollar
504 Okito Box Glittering Finale (Gerald Bruning): Coin is placed in box with hole in the bottom. Glitter falls from the hole as the coin _slowly_ escapes. When opened, the coin is gone.
506 Stewart Judah’s Mystic Coins Routine: Uses commercial box, one side of coin matches inside of box and can be wedged inside.
507 A Stopper with the Okito Coin Box (John J. Lind): Okito box and single card routine
509 Okito Box Coin Vanish: Vanish coins in Okito box before doing invisible coins to glass or such other effect.

511 Bibliography: list of 42 coin routine references and magical journals. 

519 pages

Fourth printing 1978

Cover  stains

inside  Good condition

Product Code: THEXGRFH12


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